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What I do

I teach chess students of all ages on how to play chess better, as well as go over their games to see where they are on track and where to improve. I serve Medford, OR and areas within 10 miles of city limits.


Corey's Accreditation's:

These are my qualifications to teach teach chess:

  1. am a FIDE Master  
  2. am a USCF Life Master 
  3. Two-time Oregon State Chess Champion
  4. Chess rating > 2200
  5.  Teaching students chess for 25+ years


How to get lessons

Current Availability: Any time but Monday Night, as long as no conflict with existing students chess lesson schedules

Cost: $20.00/hour once a week if lesson takes place in Medford City Limits

$30.00/hour if lesson takes place outside Medford City Limits

Contact Corey Russell at chessmastercorey@gmail.com if interested

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